SIEM 2.5: Getting the SIEM Decision Right!
Understand what you really need from SIEM and how to get it
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Two years after Securosis wrote their first paper on replacing your SIEM, they’re back to discuss SIEM’s continually evolving drivers for threat management, operational efficiency and compliance. “The future of security management is not just detecting advanced threats and malware, although that is the highest-profile use case. We still need to get work done today, which means adding value for operations, as well as for compliance and security.” Listen to this on-demand webcast with speakers Mike Rothman and Michael Leland as they discuss their findings.
  • Are you confident your solution can meet these needs? What’s under the hood of your SIEM is critical for success.
  • What should you know to identify the best SIEM solution for your goals: how to identify SIEM needs, evaluate and prioritize those needs, and select the right SIEM.
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